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The Mac is Not a Typewriter epub

The Mac is Not a Typewriter by Robin Williams

The Mac is Not a Typewriter

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The Mac is Not a Typewriter Robin Williams ebook
Page: 96
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 9780201782639
Format: pdf

Who here remembers the book “The Mac is Not a Typewriter”? This reminds me of an old book that I used to have called The Mac is Not a Typewriter. There was a wonderful book called "The Mac is Not a Typewriter", (this is a review: ), that first came out in 1991. My friend suggested that users of the Mac should only use one space between sentences. It was a response to just the issues Stuart has outlined. It astounds me sometimes, the amount of push-back I get when I tell authors, “You know, we don't double-space after periods anymore.” They absolutely cannot believe it. It's for anyone who cares about how text looks in print or on the Web. (Not doing so can seem a little rude or cold.) But with my long history in the newspaper biz, where exclamation points are typically stamped out, I can't help but feel uncertain whenever the increasingly popular ! Just imagine her when she gets her first Mac… Moeskido. DesignDroide 12/2/2006 2:51:58 AM. Thanks for looking out for us little people. Bill · August 6, 2010 at 5:08 pm. You're so much smarter than me! The car was stuck in the snow; therefore, Mike and Cindy had to walk to the store. How do I know where to use the correct word in the situation? Robin Williams (a graphic designer), in her 1990 book "The Mac is Not a Typewriter", also also taught the use of one space. Typography for Lawyers isn't just for lawyers.

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